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Ephemeral spaces

«And before he knew it, his time had come and the sky was clothed in light and colour. It was time to say goodbye to the moon when suddenly an idea occurred to him that would change everything…»


Paraiso Festival


Music, Arts and Scenography


Creative Direction
Spatial Design
Ephemeral Architecture

Spatial design

Capturing the sun

Design of a rest area for the Paraíso music festival in Madrid. This poetic installation aims to catch the sun as it sets at dusk. The installation revolves around a central element that simulates a large ball of light that lights up at dusk and remains lit throughout the night. The space recreates a sunset on the beach through a rest area made up of a group of hammocks suspended over a large sandbox.

Spatial elements

Distribution and orientation

The installation is located close to the main stage and in an area surrounded by trees. The structures that support the floating hammocks also provide shade during the day to encourage relaxation. Likewise, the orientation and distribution of the elements in the space is not random but responds to the orientation of the sun’s movement like a compass, so that the four corners correspond to the coordinates north, south, east and west.