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Object Book

S’Art Gallery

Ángel Sanagustín and his art gallery S’Art.

Highlighting the life and artistic project of Ángel Sanagustín through a book-object that simulates the different dimensions of his life. The reader discovers him as they encounter different books, objects, smells, images, textures… An experience for all 5 senses.


IEA – Ayuntamiento de Huesca




Book design
Printing research

Looking in documents

Research and finding
the data 

In collaboration with the «Instituto de Estudios Altoaragoneses» we created and designed this objetc book. The first part of the project which took more than 3 months, was to recollect all the information from the years that Ángel and the gallery were alive. Almost 86 years himself and 41 in the art gallery.

Box, art & emotion

A real history

The history of Ángel Sanagustín was very emotional. He lived his life to the fullest at all times and that resulted in many friends and family that also wanted to pay tribute to him. 
Many people asked to participate in the object book and in the show that was opened a year later in Huesca.