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Projecting Zaragoza into the future through the power of urban art, co-creation processes and technology.

Design of a 600m2 urban art mural in collaboration with ITA Innova located in its emblematic lift towers at the gates of the Rio Ebro Campus. The project has been developed through a collaborative and participatory process with students from the School of Engineering and Architecture and ITA staff. The work is a tribute to all those people who work by and for technology.


ITA Innova


Arts, Technology, University


Creative Direction
Spatial Design
Workshop and Co-creation

A human gaze

The art piece

In a fast-paced society, we witness the progress and rapid advancement of technology and its applications. Behind these walls, more than three hundred people are involved in developing innovations to improve our daily lives. This book is a tribute to all of them.
In their honour, the work presents two large human figures that emerge from the towers representing the driving force of progress and that protect and welcome the University of Zaragoza’s Ebro River Campus.

These guardians are connected by the different elements charged with symbolism that make up the composition: the lighthouse, bearer of light and knowledge, which lights the way for the students; the leaves, an echo of sustainability; the hand, a reminder of the care and craftsmanship inherent in any technological process; or the eyes, bearers of the visionary capacity to project ideas into the future.

For a human gaze of technology.


A process of co-creation

The workshop

This project arose from the need to open the doors of the ITA to the students of the Río Ebro campus and fits into a context of renewal of its brand image. To carry out the design, a participative workshop was held with students from the School of Engineering and Architecture as well as ITA staff, in which concepts and proposals were developed for the elaboration of a final design. Subsequently, an evaluation of the concepts that emerged was carried out to arrive at the final proposal for the intervention.

Urban art has a transformative role, which is why this intervention provokes a change in its surroundings and in the perception of the people who live there. The work is intended to serve as an inspiration to all those who pass through the Campus, whether they are students, teachers, ITA staff or any other citizen of Zaragoza.



Contribution to the city of Zaragoza


It is also worth mentioning that the mural is located 150 metres from the A2 motorway from which you have a unique view. The A2 links the 2 largest cities in the country: Madrid and Barcelona. It is one of the most important and busiest roads in the country and is also part of the European Road Network, with thousands of vehicles travelling along it every day.

The high exposure of this work will change the perception of the city of Zaragoza and will also change the perception of those who are passing through the capital of Aragon, which can be a great contribution to the culture, tourism, landscape and heritage of the city.