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A new way of relating to your bank

Design and development of new digital experiences through the design of SanYou, a mobile application that aims to facilitate access to internal employee benefits. In addition to this application, a corporate video was produced to generate interest in the corporation about this new application.


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UX/UI Design
Logo & Graphics
Video production

Thinking about usability

An approach to the new generations


This project aims to support the development and prototyping of a new internal application that aims to improve employees’ access to bank’s benefits. To this end, the Bank proposes a series of benefits such as «Mentoring» sessions in which synergies and knowledge exchange between senior and junior employees are formed.

The app’s design reflects a new approach to an elegant, more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is more accessible to all Bank employees.


Feel the music

Some songs never go out of fashion


As a way to connect with the Bank’s internal staff, a corporate video of the application itself was produced to captivate future users. Based on the idea that music never goes out of fashion, the video reinforces the idea that people at the end of their careers still have a lot to contribute to the new generations.

Using this storytelling, the piece shows how a veteran sends this message that is physically materialised through a vintage product such as a music cassette that contains the song in the video, a song from the 80s that never went out of fashion, «Starman» by D.Bowie.