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An agile and professional team.

We are design strategists, researchers, product and UX/UI designers, engineers, and overall creatives in continuous growth to provide always our best and connected by common challenges, eager to discover, design, and materialize new opportunities.



At Bozeta, we follow an Ethical Design and Human Centered Design methodology that focuses on meeting the real needs of people. We design products, services and systems taking into account the consequences and impact they have on those who use them and on society at large.

We firmly believe that design plays a crucial role in today’s society, where we are surrounded by a wide range of products, services and visual stimuli. The way we interact with these elements is directly influenced by their design. For this reason, in our creative process, we focus on user-centred experiences. We seek to understand people’s needs and behaviours in order to design solutions that are precisely tailored to each of them. Our ethical and professional approach drives us to carefully consider the implications of our work on people’s lives and society as a whole.



To unveil the potential of integral design to our clients by implementing brave design strategies in different dimensions of their business.


As designers we have a social and ethical responsibility to ensure that the products we design meet the expectations and needs of users that go beyond the physical experience we have with products, brands or services.


Our core values, rooted in courage, ethics, rigour, determination and empathy, are the moral compass that guides every step we take at Bozeta. They represent our identity and our commitment.